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Faith link pages
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African Traditional Faiths

  • Densu in Nigeria

  • The ATR (African Tradition Religion)Forum-A friendly open place to come learn, debate, share and commune in the joy of African Traditional Religions. All are welcome!

  • West African Dahomean Voodoo-Beautiful site featuring the tradition of the Mamaissii (High Priest) of ancient and modern Dahomey, and now here in America. Presenting a positive and realistic view of what the ancient Spiritual Tradition of what is populary known as "Voodoo" really is. A place of healing, enlightment, and spiritual balance through working with ones "Spirit", "personal divinities", "the Earth" "and our most ancient "ancestors."

  • Ijo Orunmila-Spreading Ifa to All of Olodumare's Children

  • OrishaNet--the traditional religion of the Yoruba peoples

  • Welcome to Yoruba House. Blessings come when we drum and dance.--Ayo Adeyemi Ekabo!

  • The African-American Mosaic--A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture

  • B H P The Buganda Home Page

  • The Indigenous Faith of Africa

  • African Traditional Religion

    Miscellaneous links

  • Lords of the Perfect Black

  • Christine's Genealogy Website

  • Welcome to Africa Online


  • An African American Cyber Gateway for the Entire Family

  • Kwanzaa Information Center-huge Kwanzaa link page

  • The Cemetery

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