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 rik's applets liteScroll

So what's liteScroll?

Simply a lite version of the Scroll-applet. Basically it works the same way. But it's restricted to just one element (see Scroll-applet for explanation of "element"), i.e. element #0. The advantage: liteScroll needs only a single, 6k-small class.

Download (liteScroll and Scroll). Please respect the conditions under which you may use these applets.

Example of how to embed liteScroll into your website:

<APPLET CODE=litescroll.class WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=40 hspace=0 vspace=0>
<param name="bgcolor" value="ffffff">
<param name="text0" value="The liteScroll-applet ***">
<param name="clickcolor0" value="000000">
<param name="stil0" value="fett">
Insert text for not java-capable browsers here.

The liteScroll-applet consists of the class litescroll.class

liteScroll shall only be used for non-commercial purposes. If you use liteScroll, please notify the author that and where you are using it. Please also contact the author if you want to put this applet on a commercial website.
There is absolutely no warranty for liteScroll.

© 1997 by Hendrik Schreiber