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Information about Faiths

Since the beginning of time we humans have had a need to believe in a force greater than ourselves. This need is so powerful in humans that it seems to be inborn. In generations past, we as humans, had only one way to think and a common higher power to look to. In our modern society the various numbers of faiths are staggering. I created this site for research, knowledge and people who are curious about different faiths. I tried to present this information without personal ideas or prejudices.

The word religion is not used on this page,the word faith is. Faith is in the eye of the beholder.

Hinduism Viking mythology Witch Craft Buddhism Antichrist Satanism
Occult Egyptian Mythology All About Angels Voodoo New Age
Christianity Islam Taoism Gothic Greek Mythology
Knights_Templar Masonic Freemason Sikhism
Russian Faiths African Traditional Humanist
Judiasm Jainism Pagen Atheist
Zoroastrianism poems
Inca Unitarian

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