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 rik's applets Scroll


Scroll can scroll text-pieces, so called elements, horizontally from right to left. Each of the maximal 20 elements has its own set of properties. The most important property is of course the text itself, but you can also change color, font (system-dependant) and style. Additionally you can specify a file to read the text from, the backgroundcolor, scrollspeed and some other things.
(scroll is also available in a "lite" version - liteScroll)

Download (liteScroll and Scroll). Please respect the conditions under which you may use these applet.

Example of how to embed Scroll into your website:

<APPLET CODE=scroll.class WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=40 hspace=0 vspace=0>
<param name="bgcolor" value="ffffff">
<param name="text0" value="Das Scroll-Applet ***">
<param name="clickcolor0" value="000000">
<param name="stil0" value="fett">
Insert text for not java-capable browsers here.

Table of featured parameters

name value meaning
"bgcolor" "ffaa33", "005604" With "bgcolor" you can choose a backgroundcolor in hex-RGB. Please don't use a leading #. Default is red.
"schrittweite" "2", "4" "schrittweite" regulates the number of pixels the text is shifted to the left. Best results are achieved with the value 1, which is also the default-value. For slower systems you might want to increase this value.
"delay" "20", "10" "delay" is the time the applets waits before shifting the text one step to the left. Default is 30.
"textx" "demo-text" Text in element x
"filex" "z.B.: news/ticker.txt" Path+file from where the xth element shall be read from. Important: filex and textx can only be used alternatively. e.g., if you use text4 you cannot use file4 anymore.
"fontx" "Courier", "Times", "Helvetica" You can choose a font for each element x. It depends on the system you run the applet on, whether this works or not. Default is courier.
"schriftgradx" ..., "12", ... You can choose a fontsize for each element. Is the resulting fontsize in pixel greater than the height of the applet, the font is downsized automatically. schriftgradx is optional - but to shorten initializing time you should always specify it. BTW: the automatic fontsize does not become more than 70pt.
"stilx" "fett", "kursiv", "fettkursiv" You can choose a style for each element. Possible values are: fett (bold), kursiv (italics) and fettkursiv (bold and italic). This attribute is optional.
"colorx" "ffffff", "af9900" colorx defines the textcolor of element x in hexadecimal RGB values. Don't use a leading #.
"clickcolorx" "000000","fdab21" clickcolorx defines the color the text element switches to when the mouse is over the text. Default is the complement of colorx.
"urlx" "" This is the target-URL for a element x. If you click on the element the browser will jump to the specified address. The URL should be complete, e.g.
"framex" "_self"," _parent", "_top", "_blank" For each element with a URL you can specify a target-frame. All possible values are listed in the cell to the left.

The Scroll-Applet needs these classes:
screlement.class and scroll.class

Scroll shall only be used for non-commercial purposes. If you use scroll, please notify the author that and where you are using it. Please also contact the author if you want to put this applet on a commercial website.
There is absolutely no warranty for Scroll.

© 1997 by Hendrik Schreiber